Production Equipment Introduction

 Equipment for Thick film resistor and HIC
Thick Film Printer 10   Automatic Coating Machine for Powder Coating Material  2
Drying Furnace  4   Chip Mounter  1
Furnace for the conductor or Resistive paste 3   Marking Machine  3
Furnace for the glass paste  1   UV Drying Conveyer  2
Sand Blast Trimming Machine(Abrasive Trimmer)  1   Automatic Inspection Machine  4
Laser Trimming Machine  4   Automatic Inspection Machine with Forming Unit 2
Laser Trimming Machine for HV series 1   Manual Inspection System 5
Laser Scriber Machine(Cutting for substrate)  2   Automatic Inspection Machine with Taping Unit 1
Automatic Substrate Insertion Machine 3   Automatic Inspection Machine for HIC 1
Substrate Insertion Machine for HIC 3   Automatic Inspection Machine for RC Network 1
Soldering Machine 3   Lead cutting machine 4
Soldering Machine for HIC 4   Furnace for Re-Flow 2
Pressure-reducing ultrasonic cleaning Machine 1   Drying Oven 8
Automatic Coating Machine for Liquid Coating Material 3      
 Equipment for Metal Plate Cement resistor
Automatic Lead wire welding machine 7   Automatic conveyer 5
Cement enclosed system 2   Drying Oven 6
Radial taping machine 3      
 Equipment for other manufacturing
Printer for solder 4   Vertical injection molding machine 1
Printing dryness furnace 4   Laser marker 3
Chip Mounter  4   Emboss taping machine 3
Dispenser robot 10   Furnace for Re-Flow 2
Screw dispense(Precise dispenser) 5   Emboss taping machine for Bare-Die 1
Dispenser with thermal controller 8      
 Equipment for Testing and Inspection
X-ray equipment 1   AC regulated power supply 1
Curve tracer  1   Digital Ultra-High Resistance/Micro Current Meter  5
Pressure cooker  1   Precision LCR Meter 3
Thermal shock test equipment 1   Impedance meter  3
Temperature and humidity testing chamber 1   Thermostatic chamber 3
High-voltage D.C. power supply  2   3D printer 1