Environmental Policy

Basic philosophy
Our company strongly recognizes that the maintenance of the global environment is a common
high-priority issue to the human race.
The basic philosophy of our company is to act considering the maintenance of the global environment
in all respects of company activities the business from this recognition.

Basic policy
Our company does the environmental activity that hangs next in consideration of doing manufacturing
and sales such as electronic parts. 

  1. The environmental impact caused by our active conduct of business and product is recognized,
       and evaluated.
       And, our company decreases the environmental burden, and executes a continuous improvement
       of the environmental management system.

  2. Our company strictly defends for regulations system that relates to our environmental aspect and
       other requirements to which our company decided acceptance(proper management of environmental
       protection material that customer requirements. etc) .

  3. Our company executes the following environmental emphasis approach matters through the active
       conduct of business.
  ① Reduction by efficient use of energy (electric power and oil resource)
  ② Reduction of waste emissions
  ③ Reduction in amount of poisonous substance use

  4. Environmental pollution by an environmental accident and the emergency (outflow of hazardous
       chemicals etc.) is prevented. 

  5. The environmental education to the employee is done, and to communicate this environmental
       management system to the employee.

  6. This environmental policy is positively made public outside as well as our company. 
                                                                                                                        Enactment:April 1, 2006
Revision:May 1,2009
President   Shinsuke Hayama


Quality policy

                                                   Quality policy

                                                  Quality the first

      Our company offers the product that the customer is satisfied. 
    1. Our company win the customers ' satisfaction by continuous improvement of the effectiveness of
         the Quality Management System.
    2.The improvement of Q(Quality), C(Cost) and D(Delivery) is positively executed.
    3. Our most important approach matter is to decrease a defective rate in the process.

                                                                                                                                                      Enactment:April 1, 2006
                                                                                                                                                           Revision:May 1,2009

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