Privacy Policy

Fukushima Futaba Electric Co., Ltd.[FFE] observes the law concerning individual information and other standards, and carries out thorough to the protection of customer's important individual information. 。

< Collection of personal information >

To collect personal information as necessary in the following situations.

  • * When you contact us.
  • * When your the service request to our.

< Purpose of use of personal information >

The company uses the personal information we collect from you for purposes of the following.

  • * To contact you
  • * To respond to inquiries from you.
  • * For the service offer to the customer.

< Provision to a third party of personal information >

Our company not to provide or disclose to third parties the personal information acquired from you.
However, except in the following cases.

  • * When there is your agreement.
  • * At the request of public agencies. (request of the police etc.)
  • * When you receive the application of the law.

< Disclosure or correction of personal information >

When indication, the correction, and the deletion of personal information from you are demanded, our company responds surely.

< For inquiries about personal information protection >

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FUKUSHIMA FUTABA ELECTRIC CO., LTD.(Administrative headquarter)