DC/DC CONVERTER(Non-Isolated Step-down type)

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DC/DC CONVERTER(Non-Isolated Step-down type)
・Wide Input Voltage Range・Few external electric parts
・Over Current Protection ・Thermal Shutdown
・Output Remote Control ・Short-circuit Protection
・Low Input Voltage Protection・Oscillation Frequency 500kHz
・Soft-start(Can be set as desired)
・Small size and High Efficiency
・Added adjustment pin for output voltage
・Industrial equipment, OA, Measurement equipment
・Secondary power supply, Adapter
・Vending machine, Security, Cash register
・Power supply for Micro-computer used in home appliance
・Parking meter ・Power supply for LED and Relay
These products are 30V operation step-down DC-DC converter with an internal driver transistor.The output voltage can be set to a value from 1.2V to 12V using internalresistors.300kHz or 500kHz can be selected for the switching frequency.
The soft start time can be set as desired by adding an internal capacitance.
With the built-in UVLO function, the driver transistor is forced OFF when input voltage becomes 4.5V or lower.Internal protection circuits include over current protection,short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown circuits to enable safe use.
DC-DC Converter Switching Power Supply Power Supply Module
Custom Switching Power Supply Standard Power Supply
Miniature High Efficiency DC-DC Converter Non-Isolated Step-down DC-DC Converter DC-DC Converter Module Modular Power Supply

Product specification of DC/DC CONVERTER
Product specification of DC/DC  CONVERTER

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